Sustainable Policy



We strive to produce better community markets and that are sustainable ensuring our planet is not ruined by our consumption and inhabitable practices. Our traders source locally and produce items with minimal impact to the environment.


Our approach to better trading is guided by commitments to the following principles: protecting the earth, reducing waste and carbon emissions, trading with sensible sustainable & biogradable resources and develop awareness with our consumers 

Important Issues

Market trading faces many commercial challenges and great opportunities to manufacture products that can be produced without impacting the environment.

 Due to the direct consumption of producing we have prioritise the following issues that need to be taken into consideration: Climate change, water conservation, waste & disposal, health and safety. 

Our Commitment & Scope


  • This policy will apply to all markets organized by It’s Your Local Market and associated organisation. This is assumed to to all events we host, partnerships, sponsorships. staff, volunteers, traders, projects and contractors are expected to uphold objectives under this policy to the fullest extent possible within prevailing budgets. And to inform management of financial and other barriers to achieving goals.


  • We acknowledge we have limited influence over third parties whose locations or green spaces we may utilise, such as local authority and private spaces where we trade. While we cannot control the decisions of these parties, we commit to educate them of our policy and encourage them to align operating practices with policy objectives. 


  • Our attention to environmental, social and economic responsibility includes working within the law and voluntarily exceeding legal requirements in order to be innovative and demonstrate leadership on the issues that are important to us and our stakeholders and communities. As we design experiences, execute events and evaluate our success we are able to choose every day in big and small ways how our actions and words build a better quality of market trading and events management for our communities, consumers, suppliers and our market and event participants


We commit to: 

1. Minimise environmental impacts in the areas of waste, water, energy and air quality. 

* Emissions produced by travel: reduce to fewer than 15 MT per FTE. 

2. Give back to communities by volunteering and donating our time. 

* Maintain a staff retention of 50% volunteer base. 

3. Ensure our traders/suppliers have responsible social and environmental practices. 

* Percentage of traders used who meet company minimum sustainability guidelines: 75% of vendors compliant. 

4. Create innovative approaches to minimise negative environmental impacts, improve economic bottom lines and integrate the social elements in to delivering meetings. 

* Number of sustainability innovations introduced for our traders and community projects: 5 minimum. 


Stalls and equipment

All stalls and equipment are owned by It’s Your Local Market CIC, Traders will be required to sign a formal agreement with It’s Your Local Market CIC on the day of trading. The marquees should be treated with care and kept clean on all lower surfaces. Any damage to the stalls the trader will be held responsible for failure taking good care of the marquee and may be asked to pay for such damages if found to be deemed at fault. 

All Traders goods, containers or articles shall be contained within the Trader’s pitch area, no excess stock or equipment should be left between market pitches or spaces around the marquees. All goods are to be stored within the boundaries of the pitch space. 

Pitch spaces are allocated with a 3m x 3m marquee with a folding trestle table and chair, however if additional tables are required traders will need to provide this with permission from the Market Manager. 

Street food Traders are required to use a rubber floor mats throughout the trading day and can be hired from the Market Manager. This is to protect the any damage or impact to the grass area and part of the environmental regulations to protect the natural environment. 


1. We will externally report on our progress against these goals once per year. 

2. Internal senior reviews will be held at least once per year. 

3. Management reviews will be conducted quarterly. 

Market Stallholders Sustainable Standards


* 100% sustainable produce 

* Provide an opportunity to benchmark green products/service 

* Create environmental savings for consumers 

* Boost sustainable green business/services and establish a green market 

* Develop workshop community hubs, i.e. growing food projects 

* It's Your Local Market to develop working relationships with stakeholders to sustain and support opportunities for local people within the community. To host markets and events within the green spaces to promote sustainable community markets and event engagement. 

* To collaborate and regenerate our communities together, providing local employment, affordable living and accessible with activities to benefit the community. 

* A market place where people can contribute, donate and volunteer ensuring the ethics of ‘sustainability’ is retained within the organisation, product, services or resource. 

* A market will not only increase relations but serve its community by offering difference by minimising our carbon foot print, endorse the significance of ‘sustainable living and managed by the locals within the community of Lambeth.


Traders rules and regulations


The Trader Rules and Regulations are subject to review on a periodic basis. 

‘It’s Your Local Market’ is pioneering a new sustainable urban marketplace within suburban green spaces, bringing agriculture, ecology and the natural environment in harmony with our lives. Utilising green spaces, public spaces used for a variety of recreational and relaxation for local people and visitors. These spaces have a great deal of plant life, vegetation, trees and shrubs and wildlife species. We propose to create a market that will capture the essence nature within our productivity, celebrating ‘green living’ in green spaces. 

We aim to create a bustling sustainable trading environment in around the surrounding green spaces to the benefit the local community, residents and businesses alike. We want traders that are passionate about what they do and share the ambitions of ‘ ‘It’s Your Local Market’ expects a very high standard of customer service and market stall presentation and all traders should act in the best interests and think about our environment impact and the market ethos at all times. 

On behalf of the Directors Board

It’s Your Local Market

Trader Information

There are two types of traders at ‘It’s Your Local Market’ 

‘Permanent Trader’ - any person who has a booking of three months consecutive booking and approved by sustainable standards and with the required appropriate street trading recommendations under Part 111 of the London Local Authorities Act 1990 by Lambeth Council 

‘Casual Trader’- any person who has a booking of two months and wants to trade on a casual basis booking approved by sustainable standards and developing business plan. 

‘Start Up Trader’ – categorised by a beginner, Intermediate, and Advance for any person who has wants to test market and trial for a month approved by sustainable standards with all required credentials for a commercial business operation that will receive ongoing support. 

Start Up Trader – Advance – trader with 1- 2 years’ experience 

Start Up Trader – Immediate – trader with 6 – 12 months’ experience 

Start Up Trader – Beginner – start up business 

All prospective ‘It’s Your Local Market’ traders need to apply in advance of trading at any of our markets, all applications are assessed on the basis of ‘green living’ good practice and manufacturing of sustainable products/produce. All applications are assessed on an individual basis with support and guidance to ensure all applications are met to meet the required standards before applications are approved. 

Full details and guidelines of how to apply for new traders are provided on the Trader Application form – Appendix 1 of the It’s Your Local Market Trader Pack. 

All traders must abide by these regulations for Trading at any ‘It’s Your Local Market’s to ensure the market ethos and standards are consistent and can be enforced. 


Opening Hours

The market and events are and is licensed accordingly to application, however alternative green space localities may differ and traders will be required to trade at the pre-approved trading times. 

It is intended that the market will operate separate special events throughout the season; traders will be informed of these dates and events. 

Traders may set up a maximum 1.5 hours before the market opens, traders must not start packing down until market has officially closed (or the agreed trading hours for their commodity type.) Trades are prohibited from trading after official closing time. 

Regular inspections will take place regard to set-up and pack down times. 

Vehicles should be parked on the outer skirts of the location after unloading,  At no time vehicles should be parked in resident bays or congest local communal pathways or entrances. Vehicles should not be brought back until trading hours have ended, at no time should any trader pack up early - TRADERS MAY BE TOLD THE CANNOT TRADE AGAIN IF THIS OCCURS. 

If a pitch is not utilised by any trader by time specified in the traders pack without giving prior notification and approval from the Market Manger, its at the Market Manager discretion to re-let the pitch for that day. The Market Manager will be within its rights to refuse permission to trade and will be under no obligation refund the trader for the pitch. 

If you are unable to trade due to illness for any other reason, you must contact the Market Manager at the earliest opportunity. 


There are limited provisions for water and electricity supply at some public spaces/ green spaces. Traders must bring their own water with them on trading days; where there is a provision to supply there will be a small charge to facilitate. 

Pitch Sizes

The pitch size is length 3m, width 3m. 

Up to one additional pitch may be requested to provide more space, request to be made in advance at a daily rate for each pitch. 

Pitch sizes can be shared between two traders – (arts & crafts, information, jewellery stallholders only) 

It’s Your Local Market CIC Traders shall trade only from the position assigned by the Market Manger. 

The trading area shall not exceed the dimensions specified by the pitch limits marked out during the trading hours. All marquees will be supplied by It’s Your Local Market with a table and chair for pitch. 


We will try to give permanent and casual It’s Your Local Market Traders the same pitch location, but this may be subject to change. 

The Market Manger’s decision on placement of It’s Your Local Market Traders is final. 

Traders at all times must display a pitch plate supplied by the trader. This plate shall be kept prominently and exhibited on the stall at the front visible for the consumer. The pitch plate is a biographical discrimination about the traders business and the produce/product. 

Setting Up and Closing Down

Only It’s Your Local Market staff will be permitted to set up and take down the stalls. Traders will be required to breakdown tables and fold chairs at close of the market. 

Closing down should be prompt and safe, with minimum disruption to passersby. 

Any equipment left by traders in the market pitch after finishing trading is done so by the trader’s own risk and will not be stored for safekeeping. 


There is no parking on the location of the markets; all vehicles should be parked on the outskirts of the location after unloading. 


Traders must take care not to damage the market equipment, and will be charged for any damage. 

Traders must not intentionally permit stalls or accessories to cause damage to the green space, footpath or market equipment. 


Signage & Promotions

Any promotional signage should approved by It’s Your Local Market before display, at no times should there be any signage affixed to the marquee that may cause any damage. Any fixing promotional signage should be freestanding, secured and safe. 

Any damage or discolouration to market canopies caused by adhesive tape, heat or any form of ink will be chargeable

Signage should not so big that it obscures views through the stall, with reasonable sight lines through to neighbouring retailers should be remained at all times. No side walls will be permitted between stalls, traders can provide a clear transparent side wall.

Promotional A-boards will be placed at either end of the market, which be used to promote the market and the trader’s special offers and new product. It may be possible to be a feature stall for the month’s promotion for the market, please discuss with Market Manager if you have any projects in development to promote. 


All Rubbish and waste must be segregated appropriately; waste must be bagged in biodegradable bags and disposed using the sustainable management system. It is the Trader’s responsibility to ensure all waste is disposed within the regulations of the Lambeth waste strategy. 

Cooking waste and waste water must NOT be poured down drains or on grassed areas and must be taken away by the trader at the end of the trading day. All food waste should be disposed in the segregated food waste area. 

The trader shall ensure that all refuse arising as a result of market activities shall be placed in suitable covered containers approved by It’s Your Local Market CIC and provided by the trader and shall be kept exclusively for the purpose. 


In Case of Emergency

Traders or their assistants shall remove the stall and goods for so long as may be necessary in the event the of an emergency or in exercise of the Council’s, or It’s Your Local Market power and duties, if reasonably required to do so by a police officer, a member of the London Fire Brigade, a duly authorised officer of the Council, or the Market Manger. 

Traders shall give every assistance to Council officers and It’s Your Local Market staff in carrying out their duties. 

Health & Safety

All market traders who trade It’s Your Local Market must ensure that all are working practices comply with the following regulations contained in: 

* Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 

* Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 

* Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 

* Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 

* Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006. 

* Regulations (EC) No.852

All market traders at It’s Your Local Market markets must ensure that all delivery, storage, containment, usage and removal of flammable liquids compiles with the regulations contained in the following: 

* The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 

* The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 

* Highly Flammable liquids and Liquefied Petroleum Gases Regulations 1972. 

Safety Requirements

Fire Precautions

Adequate precautions must be taken to prevent the spread of fire. 

  • All traders with heat producing equipment on their stall must have a suitable fire blanket and extinguisher conveniently located near all cooking areas. Either Powder or CO2 extinguishers must be readily available. 
  • Heat producing equipment should be so placed within the trading are as to offer maximum safety to the public. 
  • BBQ and griddles are to be secured and fenced with adequately signed with warning signage. 

Electrical appliances

All electrical appliances and associated wiring, plugs and sockets etc are to be in sound and safe conditions, all equipment should be PAT tested with an electrical certification. ALL TRADERS REQUIRING ELECTRICITY WILL BE REQUIRED TO PROVIDE A 50 METRE EXTENSION LEAD WITH A WATERPROOF CONNECTOR.


Stall pitches are secured by a booking fee, this is non refundable if traders cancels.  All non-attendance without notifying the Market Manager the trader will be given a warning if trader repeats non-attendance the trader will be removed from the traders list.  Payments for non attendance or cancellations will not be carried over to next market only at the Market Managers discretion.


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