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Celebrating Culture, Heritage & Wellbeing 2018

It's Your Local Market



Our Aim is to be the First 100% Sustainable Living Market

Our vision is to promote sustainability, ethical and green living trading with a variety of trades. Our market offers affordable products, handmade and unique. Produced and manufactured to the finest, supporting traders to reach the quality mark. We work together with our traders to create the best market place and shopping experience for consumers. 

We enable traders to sell their products direct to the consumer so they get a fair price for their products. 

  • Provide a benchmark for people of all diversity.
  • Create environmental savings.
  • Encourage sustainable green business production.
  • Provide high quality local produce and help improve standards of manufacturing by reusing, recycling and reducing materials. 

We're backed by

The Evening Standard & London Community Foundation

community market with a difference

Our seasonal Pop-Up Market trade between the months of May-November at community events and festivals.  We host festive markets in December.



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Barbara Beckley,

I have been trading 3 years with IYLM. Andrea is a great women to work with and I support her work and what she's doing for the community. 


BEV Nzhingha,

IYLM not only helps us build our businesses but can and does encourage others to begin their own. 


Jon Judace

As far back as I can remember I have loved to draw, and I made the decision very early on that I wanted to be an artist. I grew up in Brixton during the 80s and 90s, and whilst growing up, art was both my passion and an escape for me.



I have been trading with IYLM for 4 years. I enjoy trading IYLM as I'm able to promote diversity as well as empowering my people in the Brixton community.

Working with People in the Community

We Are Always Looking for New Traders!



Africa's Pride is the creator of clothing and accessories designed and made from 100% cotton fabrics created by the finest African prints  sourced locally as well as in West African countries.  Specialise in ready-to-wear fashion with a variety of designs.
Brixton Road, London
Email antenna.j@hotmail.co.uk

BEV Nzhingha,

Nzingha Jewellery authentic custom made jewellery made from materials from Far East Asia, West and East Africa and the Caribbean.  The best raw and natural materials from Rose wood mahogany wood, cedar wood, cow bone and a variety of sea shells.                                                         

Brixton Market, London                  Email  Bev@nzingha.co.uk


Fola orworu,
flakies fashion

                                                        Flakies is highly influenced by African Print and contemporary styles that flatter all shapes & sizes at a affordable cost.  Unique and vibrant inspired by using Ankara print. Matched with accessories, we offer made to measure, alterations and customisation.
Bromley, South East London
Email folazack@yahoo.co.uk



It's Your Local Market supports traders designing and producing with green philosophies and improving the manufacturing processes.     

Our living inhabitant on earth is surrounded, reflected by the natural essence of the earth.  We live, design and inspired by nature to create  distinctive and unique production and reliant on raw materials for manufacturing.  Therefore, it's our responsibility to be mindful and to act in ways that reduces the negative impacts on the environment.  When manufacturing or producing our activities should involve us to be environmentally conscious to comply with principals and maintain standards of social economic, and ecological sustainability. Designing with green production focuses on profitability through environmentally friendly




Upcycling is a good transformation of old materials into usable objects giving a new lease of life rejeuvenating well used items giving a new source of functionality and beauty.   



Recycling is a process of converting waste materials into new materials and objects.  It's an alternative to conventional waste that can save materials and reduce the impact of congestion to landfills and save on lower greenhouse emissions.


Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainable manufacturing practices are one of the significant environmental initiatives taken by manufacturing industries and local businesses to preserve the environment and improve the quality of human life performing manufacturing activities

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